1. kt-11:

    New Lincoln face WIP

    Katey Crews and I have a show at Redux in Charleston, SC this August. Opening is August 8… We’ll be there with our screaming babies.

  2. Just completed a two week residency at CCA…. It was glorious to get my paws on a Jacquard loom again!

  3. Weaving with rope… almost there.

  4. Sentimental Punk, by Kurt Krent 1979

  5. In 1957, Peter Kubelka was hired to make a short commercial for Scwechater beer. The beer company undoubtedly thought they were commissioning a film that would help them sell their beers; Kubelka had other ideas. He shot his film with a camera that did not even have a viewer, simply pointing it in the general direction of the action. He then took many months to edit his footage, while the company fumed and demanded a finished product. Finally he submitted a film, 90 seconds long, that featured extremely rapid cutting (cutting at the limits of most viewers’ perception) between images washed out almost to the point of abstraction — in black-and-white positive and negative and with red tint — of dimly visible people drinking beer and of the froth of beer seen in a fully abstract pattern.

  6. momalibrary:

    Elina Minn 2008 flip book “pyjama infinity” -ds


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    front and back of weaving:: woven gif test

  8. Juliana Magdalena Hofrichter, sort of

  9. Rebekah Goldstein's new collages. She has an upcoming show at City Limits Gallery on February 22.